in Ecommerce - 11 Nov, 2016
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Starting A Small Catering Business From Home

If you love to cook and bake, you might want to consider starting a small catering business from home provided you are good at what you do. You will not have to invest much money in your new business and you can even operate your business during the weekends and during your free time so that you can still work at your full time job thereby minimizing the risks involved.

Choosing a cuisine

The best way to operate any business is to choose a specific line of product or service and to stick to it. You may be good at making several things but it is important for you to have an identifiable unique selling point. Make a list of all the things that you are good at making and choose which you would like to make a business out of. You can even choose to make small tasting portions of each of these and host your friends and family for a tasting so they can review the products and tell you which ones you should sell. If you are choosing to go with Italian food, you may need to check for an outdoor pizza oven for sale that you can use to make your pizzas.

Marketing your new business

You will need to market your new business both online and physically. Online marketing is a great way to reach thousands of potential people with the single click of a button and without having to spend much money but you will also need to have some physical signage and marketing. You may need to have some printed hoarding done and cut using a vinyl cutter plotter that you can put up outside of your house so that people will know where to come to pick up the food.

Perfect photography

With an online food business, it is vital that you have someone come in and take amazing pictures of the food for you. Great photography sells in the food business and it can be the different between a very successful catering business and a failed one. Invest some money in a professional photographer or ask your family and friends if there is anyone who can help you to get some great pictures of your food that you can use for marketing purposes. At first you will need to do a massive marketing campaign to let people know that you exist and you will also have to have many competitions and free give always to entice people to buy your products for the first time.