How To Survive The First Few Months Of Parenting

How to survive the first few months of parenting? Ah that is the million dollar question for sure! Parenting is hard. Parenting is exhausting. And parenting is also incredibly rewarding and surreal! The article below details the manner in which you can keep your head above the water during the first few months of the delightful journey with your precious little loves.

Stay confident

You really have to have the confidence to take on this challenging task. Don’t ever think you are not good enough, capable enough or strong enough to care for the little one. Your child is your own creation! No one else can care for your child the way you do. No one else can understand your child the way you do. So embrace this truth and be empowered.

Stop listening to the critics

Oh the insufferable critics who will come and give you an opinion about every single thing that you do! They will make your life incredibly difficult if you allow them to so don’t give them a chance. Yes you have to accept help and often even well meaning advice but don’t let anyone steal the joy of parenting your child from you. If someone keeps giving you unsolicited advice, do take a stand and say you appreciate their concern but you prefer to do things your way. Always cite a higher authority like your pediatrician, when you challenge the opinions of those who don’t like to take ‘no’ for an answer!

Manage your budgets

You need to keep an eye on that budget and make sure it doesn’t spiral out of your control! If you need to buy special equipment like a Medifab stroller or a specially designed car seat for a child with unique needs, you will have to invest even more. So make sure you stop careless expenses and save more money. Try to look for additional ways of earning money too because that will help you to make ends meet.

If you can look for a second hand special needs stroller you will be able to save quite a bit of money. Second hand items, hand me downs or pre loved goods, whatever you like to call them, can certainly help you save a lot.

Appreciate the beauty of the experience

The sleepless nights will wear you out. The seemingly endless cycles of feeding and burping will exhaust you. You will feel like your life has become one big chaotic rush. But understand that this is all part of the experience: A very, very brief part of the experience. You will miss this phase one day too, believe it or not!Hope you find the strength to face each day with a bright smile and a strong will to do the very best that you can for your precious child!