How To Protect Your Belongings In A Hotel

When staying in a hotel, you cannot help but rely on room service and housekeeping. But no matter how much these are necessary, you should be alert on where you keep what. So here are some tips to help you protect your stuff from being unwantedly snooped through by nosy housekeepers.

Hold on to your valuables

If you don’t want your stuff be messed around with, especially those that are valuable, always keep them with you. So things like your passport, laptop, phone, wallet and such should always be by your side and not left back at the hotel. This way you can keep an eye on them and make sure that they are safe from snooping eyes and noses! After all, it’s not like you can blow out your emergency whistle necklace when someone snoops, because they probably wouldn’t do it when you are around!

Think twice about the room safe

So most hotels might have a room safe for your to store your valuables. But if you are thinking that, that’s probably the safest place in the whole hotel, then you are wrong! This safe is not only accessible by you but also the hotel staff as well. So if you really have something of importance that you want to store, then you could try asking to use the hotel’s lock box. But you can’t really guarantee that all hotels would have this. Therefore it’s best if you limit the valuables that you carry with you while travelling.

Use the sign

The ‘do not disturb’ sign is like the best out of many signs that is out there when you are traveling. If you want to make sure that no one snoops through your room when you are out, just hang this sign out on the door knob. This is also like the perfect trick to show someone that you are in, when you really aren’t. But bear in mind, that the room won’t be cleaned either, so don’t expect a cleaned room when you get back, unless you do it yourself!

Add alarms

Now there are motion sensor alarms that blare out loud when something is moved or disturbed. So use this to your advantage and attach some alarms by the side of your luggage or any other place that you feel is right. This way you can prevent the theft of your valuables, at least to a certain extent.

In addition to the above, make sure that you write down the model numbers of your valuables, the serial numbers, the brands and such. This way in case you are robbed you can claim for compensation from insurance and have them replaced with the exact same things!

So use the above tips and safeguard your valuables from snoops!