A Deep Insight Of Vanities

In the 19th century, the vanities were called dressing tables and they were mostly placed in the bedrooms. Now there is a whole new concept of vanities. People who can actually afford have separate vanity rooms for them. There are bathrooms in Sydney which are easily available in bathroom showrooms. 

Adding to the beauty: 

Bathroom vanities are now used as a style statement and as of the modern etiquettes of interior designing, it is not important to keep the bathroom cabinets matched with the other cabinets of the house. It is more like creating artwork. The cabinets of the vanity hide away all the pipes and unpleasing sights of the bathroom. It adds a beautiful corner that not only keeps the unwanted things away but also lifts up the entire look of the place. 

Extra space:  

The vanities increase the storage area in the bathroom. The cabinets can be used to store cleaning products and other necessary products like tissue papers, and, air fresheners etc. Drawers can be utilized to keep hairbrushes, combs, gel, in short, all sorts of hair products and makeup products as well.  


Bathroom vanities are made of several contrasting materials. One can easily choose the material according to the designs and other requirements. Often vanity tops are made of a different material than the lower body. Marble, quartz and graphite are the material one will often see as a bathroom vanity countertop as these add a beautiful luxurious look to space and it easy to maintain as well.

Size of the vanity: 

Size of the vanity also matters as it is decided after the measurements of the space where it is going to be installed. If it is bigger than the required size it will make the restroom congested and will be unpleasing as well. Today, the lighter and space-saving designs are preferred as it makes the person relaxed and helps to increase the positive environment and for the exact same reason the cabinets are getting slimmer. 

The finishing touch: 

The vanity cabinet adds the finishing touches to the bathroom. The exposed lower part of the basin and the pipes doesn’t give appealing sight. So, the bathroom vanity actually gives the proper finishing touch to the bathroom and make it look presentable. 

Other benefits: 

One of the most beneficial parts of having the vanity in the bathroom is that when a girl is getting ready and they want to apply to make and make their hairs, all the things that she needs is in the bathroom. It is quite easy for her to do all and the room will not be messed up. If there is anything that needs to be clean, it will bathroom in the end and a single viper with water will do the trick.